Cookies Policy

24 April 2024

These tracking and cookie files

"Cookie" is a small amount of files which are delivered in your browser from the Web server and the computer, the tablet or the smartphone are placed on your device, whether it be to suggest websites to remember who you are and also data on your visit.

As well as the majority of websites, we also apply cookie files on our website. We used cookies as it is defined that we could provide you the best and more personalized experience of our website.

Types of cookie files which we use:

Session cookie files: the cookie file of a session includes data which are located in temporary storage cell and then are removed after completion of a session or closing of the web browser. This cookie collects information which the visitor entered, and monitors movements of the visitor in the website. Our website applies Session Cookies to work of the service.

Constant cookie files: Even when you closed the browser, constant cookie files remain in work. These cookie files remember registration data of the user and the password therefore they should not be entered at each access for the user to the website. It is recommended to delete these cookie files through certain time.

Cookie files for analytics: These types of cookie files are applied on our website to give us an opportunity to understand how visitors use our website. Cookie files of Analytics show how often the user visits our website and as he addresses it. These cookie files are very important to help us to develop our website and experience of the user at visit of our website.

Advertising cookie files: We use these types of cookie files for service of the user with advertising which can be suitable for the user and his interests on our website.

Cookie files of the third parties: Some cookie files placed on the user device at access to our website which are provided by the third parties. These cookie files are applied in order that the third party could provide us service or include some functionality on the website. We have no control over these cookie as they are provided with the third parties.

How we use Cookies

  • Our website has access to cookie files and other technologies which help to write not statistical data, such as it is what is the time spent for reading contents of the specific page or what banner declarations gain the greatest number of clicks of our visitors. Such technologies help us to develop our website, our marketing actions and experience of users. The majority of web browsers is configured on reception of cookie files by default. If the user selects, he can configure the browser on removal of cookie files and failure from cookie files. If the user decides to delete cookie or to refuse cookie, it can influence certain functions or services of our website.
  • Cookie files actually are a small part of data which the website transfers to the hard drive of the user or other equipment for viewing of websites for the purpose of conducting records.
  • Though the data collected by means of cookie files do not provide to us any personal information (therefore they do not collect such questions as a name and a surname of the user), they allow us to service declarations and other content which, based on the data which are stored in a cookie file. It can include the configured advertisements and target services. Cookies, for this reason, are available to development of the user on the Internet and also to analytics and to marketing, but, in particular, our website applies cookies on the website for the purpose of stated above.
  • Saving individual information on our visitors, we can combine it with the data obtained from cookie files to get noticeable access to it at any time when the user visits our website and uses our services according to his preferences.

At any time, the user can disconnect cookies in the browser, on the other hand, it will reduce the value which he can receive in terms of useful and interesting content. It will also cancel any setup of the browser which you, perhaps, put into operation. Removal of cookie files can also influence removal of settings of failure from a subscription from certain websites which get access to cookie files for record of settings of failure/cancelling of a subscription.