Terms of use

25 June 2024


The licensed enterprise is mentioned in these provisions and conditions as 'We', 'Website' or any other name of similar value, and you are turned to as 'client', you, the user or any other term of similar sense.

We use enciphering of SSL for protection of transactions. All data of the user will be considered as confidential and will not be on sale to the third parties. If you need any councils concerning these conditions or your own interests, please, contact us through the section "Contact Us”. We reserve the right to limit access to all or separate parts of the website concerning certain jurisdictions.

Before using this website, attentively read these provisions and conditions before adopting this agreement.

Legal requirements

  • In jurisdiction you should be not younger than 18 years, or the minimum legal age at which you browse this website, or you use the services offered via our website. The minimum age in your jurisdiction is not less than 18 years.
  • We reserve the right at any time to request from you proofs of age to provide that minors do not use our services.
  • All contents included in this website, but without being limited to it, the text, trade or office signs, graphics, animation, video, logos, icons and images are the property of incredible-advice.com.
  • Except for the cases specified in the present document, no part of materials on these pages can be reprinted, republished or used in any form without our direct written permission. The user has no rights to such author's material and should not use it without our written permission.

Information which we collect about you and how we use it

Our privacy policy is a part of these provisions and conditions and contains detailed information on types of information collected by us and on what we do with it, including the information about that with whom and why she can be given.

Grant of License

  • The website, our applications and the website as optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets, all under management or through the third parties as our partners to have an opportunity to offer you our services via the website ("Program").
  • You cannot sell, transfer, rent, transfer or grant any other right for the website, redesign, decompile or hide the software.
  • You have no right to open the software to the third parties, to perform derivative works on its basis or to use it in any purposes, except for the specific types of use which are obviously allowed in the user documentation which accompanies the software.
  • The software is available only on conditions "as is" and without any guarantees or guarantees. Loading and/or use of the software and services at own risk.
  • Present you recognize that how you use the software, is out of our control. We do not bear responsibility to you or to the third parties concerning the software. Changes and suspension of services.
  • At our own discretion we reserve the right to suspend, change, delete or add content on the website or services offered via the website with an immediate force and without notice. We will not bear responsibility to you for any losses suffered owing to any similar changes and you will have no requests against us in this respect.
  • We can temporarily stop everything or any part of services in any discretion. We can, but we will not be obliged, to pay you so much attention how many it is possible. We will repair service as soon as it is reasonably practically feasible, after such temporary suspension.

Claims of clients

  • Your e-mail address and name;
  • A detailed explanation of your complaint / claim with the short indication of the name of your problem in the section of a subject;
  • The code of enciphering specified on the page therefore you will be recognized as the person.
  • If you want to file a claim or a complaint, as the first step you should contact our section "Contact Us" as soon as possible. We ask you that your complaint / claim was issued in writing and contained the following information:
  • If use of the Contact Us page did not help to solve your problem or to place your complaint, you can use our address Skype as the second option.

Links to the third-party websites

This website may contain hyperlinks to the websites managed by other persons. Such hyperlinks are provided only for convenience and convenience. You agree not to confer on us maintenance responsibility or work of such websites.

Full agreement, changes and additions

  • The present Agreement creates the full agreement between the parties concerning a subject which includes here, and repeals all previous and current agreements, messages and sentences (written or oral) between us and you.
  • When we change the agreement, we will tell you. You agree to change before continuing to use our services. If any future change is not suitable for you, you have the right to terminate this agreement. Any use of the website you after such publication on the website, will be considered as recognition of such corrections by you, modifications or new conditions.
  • At a subscription to our website of the notification which we give you will be sent to the e-mail address. It is necessary to update and activate the e-mail address.
  • At any time we can control in electronic form the website and users of the website to provide consent. Also can disclose any information on the present Agreement even personal, only if this process is: (1) concerning any law, the resolution or a lawful request of the government; (2) if such disclosure is necessary for further work of the website; or to our (3) rights and/or property of our partners.
  • Such messages or notifications will be deemed to have been received on the date of delivery if they were sent by email and five business days after being sent if they were sent by registered or certified mail. 6. Any notification you send us must be sent to our email address: support@incredible-advice.com