Grand Casino Basel

27 May 2024


Flughafenstrasse 225, 4056 Basel, Switzerland


The casino Basel located directly at the airport and in close proximity to border with France. Even from far away it draws attention with the unusual cubic form and is lit bright red at night. Outside it is completely surrounded with glass, only doors are an exception. The casino is under control of the Airport Casino Basel AG company which completed the construction in 2003. Since then since 2007 hundreds of thousands of visitors who also had an opportunity to spend night in own hotel "Design" of casino annually join casino "Basel". It has 167 modern, exclusive and easy rooms. The casino Basel is also called Mini Las Vegas Europe. Partly it is connected with a wide choice of games, on the other hand - amazing atmosphere. The casino Basel impresses with a modern decor which has simple elegance. Nothing grandiose, everything flows each other. Even partly very bright colors, it seems, merge with other furniture. Everything is coordinated.

Basel, Switzerland has 1 casino in which you will find more than 309 slots and gaming machines. In total there are 13 board games. You will find next games in casino Basel: Blackjack, gaming machines, Video Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold 'em, American roulette.

Swiss casino

Having put on 1 Frank, you a step closer to gaining the one million! In Grand Casino Basel it is possible to try 10 gaming machines.

Multiple jackpot

In this system the randomized generator defines when and in what connected gaming machine an additional game (bonus) is initiated. In this additional game it is possible to reach the level of a prize from 1 to 5. It is important to note that prizes aren't assessed with a tax. Deductions aren't accepted as it occurs in France or in a lottery.

People meet in bar of casino in the morning for breakfast and have a rest with binge or delicacy from our gastronomic snack menu later.

Thanks to a qualitative housekeeping staff you will be able to enjoy the wide range of refined appetizers. The kitchen chef creates tasty arrangements from the chosen ingredients. The restaurant in the hall received something for every taste. Thus, they can guarantee that you will open something special too!